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Welcome to my nutritionist’s office  
main office in Kusterdingen by Stuttgart

I give courses for medical expert staff and physicians.

I hold lectures at companies, schools and institutions, for interested laypeople, individuals with quesions about nutrition, individuals with health problems and their relatives.

Workplace health promotion, for companies that invest in the health of their employees.                    
A worker that feels well is more motivated, more productive and less susceptible to stress and illness.

I provide holistic nutrition consultation on the following topics at my office or as home visits:          
diet during tumor therapy with the aims of improving quality of life, wellbeing and ease the side effects.  

Furthermore on disease prevention, Parkinson’s disease, multiple sclerosis, stoma patients, diet in case of food intolerance, during adolescence and for the elderly.  

The delicious and healthy mediterranean cuisine.

Mens´s health, for information on the latter see my booklet "Eat and Live ... nutrition guide for men’s health", published both in German and English.

I am also the author of the following books in German language  "Es gibt keine Krebsdiät" ("There is no cancer diet") and "Kinderwunsch, Tipps für den Mann" ("Wish for child, tips for men").

Professional experience as surgery manager for 24 years at the urological specialist surgery Felton in Mössingen, Germany.